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Sell your Christmas Wreaths online, with our custom website landing page, tailored for your own fundraiser. We host a list of your selected wreath products, and sales transactions are directed to your groups PayPal account.

Online Direct Sales Christmas Wreath Fundraising Website

New! Your organization can now sell your wreath products direct to your customers, via a customized landing page for your organization on our website.

Simply provide us with your PayPal account info, select the items you wish to sell, and we set up a custom web page for you to share on social media, your organization's website, or other online presence. This allows you to extend your fundraising program's reach considerably farther than via traditional door to door sales methods. Click here to see a sample online sales page for a group fundraiser, showing examples of wreaths you can sell online for your own group.

Here's what one group had to say about our reseller program this year:
'The [wreath sales] website has been hugely successful... over $2000 in sales so far!'
- University Ravenna Preschool

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